How much for a Selfie stick?

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This morning I have been a classic tourist. I have seen the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, and what can I say? Well, stunning is all that I can really think to say – the lot of it. Around each and every corner is a grand historic building, a relic. Although the Colosseum is decaying, […]

Budapest delight (and a rude Scotsman)

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After lunch, my feet take control and I swap the deep delicious smells of roasted coffee beans for the smell of fresh air, heading out on a walk. Yesterday, I hit 230% on my pedometer, which is bloody amazing, must have been all that dancing! In this case walking around Budapest not only satisfies the […]

Romance is alive and well in Moscow – Not!

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Anna stares at me and blinks. She opens her mouth, I assume to apologise. “You should shave your nose hair.” What? Who says romance is dead! “You should also shave your ears and all your pubic hair like most Russian men.” I have had enough! Signalling for the bill, I am not the slightest bit […]