An extremely short story – Meet ‘Jon and Delores’

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I finally arrive back in Budapest after a delayed flight. Budapest is beginning to feel like home. It is nice to use it as a base and jet off to different places and it is good to have Anita here, too. The flight back was pretty awful and has left me feeling tired and hungry. The general plan is to head straight for the city center and eat copious amounts of croquets with chicken in paprika sauce – delicious!

As I settle at a table, I notice an older couple opposite. I get chatting to them, who knows what opportunities each meeting brings? Happily, I learn they are an English speaking couple, Jon and Dolores. They are both in their mid-sixties and Jon tells me he has travelled the world for his work. He met Dolores in her hometown in the Philippines, however both lost touch when she moved to London. By pure chance, they met again when John had returned to the UK, and after admitting how much they had missed each other, a relationship began. Now, here they are forty years on, exploring the world together.

“The children are all grown up.” John grins at me “It allows us the freedom to roam the world!” It’s a fantastic story and the couple are so animated, I realize all time is lost as I chat with them. In fact, I have to ask the waiter to come back twice, too engrossed in my conversation to look at the menu!
When they leave, I feel enlightened. These are the experiences I love from travelling, meeting the people that motivate me to enjoy life, classic examples of happy people – exactly what I want from life. So many elder couples sit at home watching the television and popping out to local restaurants, yet here is this lively duo who refuse to be boxed into such a life. Of course money is a huge factor but I am a true believer. If you have it, enjoy it because quite simply, we all end up in one place. Life is for living and I hope I am the same when I reach their ages.

I am sorry to say goodbye, but I mention about my diary and both of them suggest we take a few pictures so I can document the meeting. We exchange emails and promise to stay in touch. As they walk off, their hands tightly entwined together, I finally order my Paprika chicken croquets and wine from a very relieved waiter.