How much for a Selfie stick?

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This morning I have been a classic tourist. I have seen the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, and what can I say? Well, stunning is all that I can really think to say – the lot of it. Around each and every corner is a grand historic building, a relic. Although the Colosseum is decaying, there is still a fantastic amount left to admire. I can almost imagine myself there, back in the dark days of history, watching the fighting gladiators. I think I am a little in awe of this place. The smells seem to hold the history in the air and the walls hold their stories.

I am now sitting opposite the Colosseum with a glass of white wine purchased from a ridiculously expensive vendor. The sun is shining down on the table and purely, because of where I am sitting, I thought this would be worth the investment. I notice a pretty girl, and a very suave-looking man using a Selfie stick. it seems so odd to see groups of tourists holding out their Selfie sticks taking photos. I know it’s ‘progress’, but this juxtaposition of old and new, well something about it seems all wrong. I mean, can you imagine a gladiator with a Selfie stick?

I see an Indian salesman approaching the café, about to try and sell his wares to me. I quickly finish the last sip of wine and stand away from my table, ready to make a swift exit as I notice his wares are actually Selfie sticks! This is the main reason I am not a lover of the tourist routes when travelling. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see all these amazing buildings and monuments and statues but, I would so prefer to just stand here quietly and really be able to admire them and soak up the magnificence that surrounds me. It’s a little hard to give them the respect they deserve with salesmen, selfies, and ice cream trucks all over the place! Those aside, this site is still timeless and magical, it truly reflects the grandeur of the city of Rome.

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