No you cant have your trousers back!

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So I took my jeans to fix the huge hole in the back pocket – its always good to do these little things in Vietnam as it is dirt cheap and the work is fabulous. They take an hour and I return after a cup of coffee to collect. As the same time I am asked by my wife to pick up her White dress. It has some issues of its own that were being rectified.

They know us both as we have often being in previously. On a personal level Im very ‘attached’ to the white dress (and not for the reason you may be thinking!) as it as a gift from myself to her. So , Here is how the pick up went:
“Im here to collect the jeans and whilst I am here could I please take my wife’s white dress?
Owner “You can have the jeans but I need proof that you are who you say you are if you want to take the dress”
” But you KNOW me, and you have seen me with my wife when she brought the dress in for alterations yesterday!” (this was the same person who had received the dress from us)..So I scrolled through my iPhone and showed her numerous pictures of my wife wearing the very dress, by my side, hand in hand.’ aha there you are’ I thought to myself…

“Sorry Sir I cant give it to you, how do I know she is actually YOUR wife, I need to call her, what is her phone number?’
” What difference does it make?, maybe I am giving you the number of another female who has been instructed to say she is my wife in order to procure the dress!” Anyway what white bloke walks into a side street in the most non-tourist area of Hanoi, asking for a white dress? and how would he even know that you had one?”
So she called her son down to translate. His English even worse than hers but he was able to tell me that his mum is a bit crazy however these are her rules….”please tell her then that she caught me. I am indeed very fond of the white dress and despite it being many sizes too small I intend to wear it. Maybe I can do some work in your shop to show you how true and honest a man I can be?” To my shock and horror I then found myself on a machine but do you think I was given that dress back?
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