Romance is alive and well in Moscow – Not!

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Anna stares at me and blinks. She opens her mouth, I assume to apologise. “You should shave your nose hair.”

What? Who says romance is dead!

“You should also shave your ears and all your pubic hair like most Russian men.”

I have had enough! Signalling for the bill, I am not the slightest bit surprised to find it is almost the same cost as the house I live in. The prices are nutty out here, but then perhaps, so am I for paying them. For the price of a king’s banquet in Budapest, I am not even reaching the cost of one of the beers, still this is the price you pay to dine at the most expensive restaurant in the Soviet Union. Lucky me to have such a knowledgeable guide who knows all the right places to sit, huh?

I fiddle with my online currency converter just to ensure I know exactly where I stand with my expenses when Anna’s voice pipes up again. “Why are you looking at your currency converter? Why you checking? Not romantic!”

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